Remote Monitoring Telemetry

— Firefighting System, Fire Alarm System (NFPA 75) & (NFPA 2001)

  • Automatic Firefighting System (FM200)
  •  Providing Smart and Automatic Fire Extinguisher Systems, as known as (FM200), and provide all necessary accessories

and supplies (such as Smart Control Panel, Fire Sprinklers, HQ flame sensor/detector, smoke detectors, …etc).

  • Manual Firefighting System


  • CCTV Video Surveillance (IP Cameras)
  • Installing CCTV Video Surveillance Integrated System
  • Installing more than 500 cameras in two different conditions (indoor and outdoor) 1080p FHD Super Fine Quality, with 24/7 capability
  • Intelligent Integrated System for Easy-Controlled within Client Control Panel
  • Easy-Controlled Surveillance System with NVR (Network Video Recorder) and VMS (Video Management System) developed by Volls©

DCIM Solutions

It is the software that analyzes and manages the operation of environment such as Data Center and System Room. It provides reporting, online monitoring and control of all critical situations that need to be checked for system health and continuity, such as temperature map, humidity map, UPS status, air conditioning activities and instantaneous energy conditions in different regions.

Data Center provides an advanced management system with modules such as Asset Management, Cable Management, Job Order Management, Change Management.

It can be managed via a standard web browser to access all platforms. It can be integrated into all systems that are vital for Data Centers such as security access systems, closed circuit camera systems, energy room management systems. It enables single-center monitoring of these systems and emergency plans. The Retmon DCIM system supports SNMP, Modbus RTU and TCP and special protocols can be added via protocol plug-in support.