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Catering factory in Iraq, basra, erbil, baghdad, mosul with Swedish & ISO standard | Volls Sweden AB
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Catering & Event Productions

FOOD CATERING services is a dymanic food service specifically designed to meet requirements. All menus ranged with cultural diversification form Western Style to Local South Asian Dishes. It is our goal to provide our clients

with exceptional food and catering service. Provided meals meets the nutritional standartds. FOOD CATERING ensures the food safety, sanitation and food storage standard accomplished 100% at all times.

We Are The Young And Dynamic Pioneers of the Food And Beverage Sector

Catering & Event

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Food & Co

On-Premise Catering

We serving On premise catering is when food is prepared and served at the customer location of a certain catering service.

Aviation Catering

Our Chef experts based at our Inflight/ Aviation kitchens around our service network areas are skilled to create customized meals adapted to meet the high quality standards of our customers.

Oil & Gas Catering

In order to maintain a quality workforce, employers in the oil, gas and mining industry must make sure the needs of their employees are met when out on the rig.

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Sample Catering Menu and other information please fill quick quotation form. we will return you as soon as possible. almost ins ame day we will return you with all details.

Hospital Catering & Food

Our main goal is to provide within Nutritional Hospital standards to hospital and homecare catering services for patients, staff and visitors, both in public and private healthcare.

School & Canteen
Food Catering

Food&Co managing our environmental and sustainable approach to our menus and food standards which underpins our commitment to fresh, seasonal and locally grown produce for school and canteen.

Industrial Catering

Industrial catering and on-premise catering both refer to the providing of meals at the physical location of a business. Whether it be on a daily basis or only for special request from customer

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